We are a contentStudio

Fotoworkz.com is an online market for good photos, funny convo and funny videos. These content are directly distributed to our client's social media channel and pages to capture a wide variety of audiences that will generate shares, likes and posts engagement that could be monetized and generate revenues to all participating designed partners worldwide.


Work Portfolio.


Fotoworkz.com is the first and the only site where you can turn your wholesome personal selected photos and images, funny convo and funniest videos into cash after the specified portfolio auction time table. Below are sample of a finished work portfolio under photo/images category.


Mountains, beaches, seashores, ocean, animals, agri farm, aqua farm, forests, lakes, rivers, vally, plants, natural phenomena, falls, and the likes.


Buildings, streets, resorts, theme parks, parks, playground, houses, temples, churches, temples, monuments, science structures, bridges , roads, schools, vintage items, infrastructures and many others.


Playing, travelling, fiestas, celebrations, working area, in schools, in restaurants, in parties, Dancing in solo and group, and a lot more.

Content Products.


Now a days, Social media played a big role on how we do business. Each content posted and shared by users is a powerful tool to attract different audiences that will generate more posts and shares in each content that can be monetized through ads affiliations. We at Fotoworkz value your creativity and compensate your works.